Client: The Music (SPA)
Brief: Business Music – 250 Word Article
Type: Print – 18th May 2016

Business Music - Logo - 2016 - Tigarah Featured Image

QnA – Tigarah

  1. You are now free of the UMG contract, do you have a wishlist of producers you wish to work with?


Yes Im finally free of the UMG Japan contract! Can’t wait to do more music from this year.

There’re lots of producers that I want to work with, I always want to try something new and see what’s gonna come up. It doesn’t matter if they’re famous or not. Good music will be made when the combination is right.


  1. If Baile Funk (Funkeira Goes Bang!) was your musical guide in 2006, what is Tigarah looking to in 2016?


Omg, it’s been a while. I was young like a baby who never wrote any songs before and just discovered new music Baile Funk and fell in love with it, so I just tried to make something. Then people liked it, which was awesome.

Since then, my sound have developed, I like trying new sound,  but with my vocal, it’s gonna always sound like me, Tigarah. So, musically I’m open to try anything, but I love mixing underground hiphop,dancehall with electro sound and make it sound dansable but, also pop.

Maybe I wanna try bit more rock sound too. Will see. Can’t wait to make more new tracks this year!


  1. You have a new modeling position and your Facebook page mentions that Tigarah e Laura is a new persona you have adopted.  Does this mean you are a bit more Ginza than Harajuku?


Haha, no. When I made a new album last year, I get to make my own anime video clip, so I wanted to have a new concept. So, I wanted to express 2 different personalities inside me, good girl and bad girl as twin sisters in the animation. So, it’s not Ginza and Harajuku lol


  1. The new collaboration with Lewis CanCut feels like a turning point for both of you, have you got any future projects lined up with each other?


Yes, I wanna do more tracks with him. That was fun! I have been doing more pop sound, and he’s been doing more club sound, but we have similar taste of music. So I think we could mix our style nicely.


  1. You had an engineer with you while recording in the RedBull Music studios.  What is his name, and have you worked with him before? Why did you choose him?


(Oh sorry, I don’t remember his name… He’s working for RedBull and he’s always there lol )


  1. Working with Lewis CanCut (Lewis CanCut – Say OK Feat. TIGARAH) and the release on NLV records are there any other connections to Australia you are looking to make (producers, videographers, stylists)?


I traveled a lots and been to many different countries, but Australia is musically one of the most open-minded countries and have great quality of music. I love the music scene of Melbourne, it’s very cool and creative. So, I want to discover more!


  1. When was your last tour of Australia? Was there any culture shock being in Australia?

It was in 2010, I’ve been to Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne. I had great time!

Any culture shock? Oh I did’t know that you guys eat Kangaroo! That’s funny. And I tried and I kinda liked it. haha.


  1. You have some Japanese covers of Major Lazer and Die Antwood tracks, is this a feature of your live shows?

Yea, would be fun to do those covers at my live show too! I started making my DJ/live set, so it will be nice.


  1. Who are some Japanese acts that we should be looking to in 2016?


Tigarah. Hehe. Hmm, Capsule always make good sound, they’re not too J-pop and created their own sound which I like. Also the electro rock band called Sakanaction(サカナクション) has great style, Perfume and Baby Metal are always fun to listen to.


  1. You travel a lot, Is there a place in the word that is influencing your outlook on life at the moment?


I used to live in Paris, and I loved it. I think generally French people are not afraid to be different and say their opinion. I think it’s real and most of them have their own philosophy of life. It’s opposite from Japan. Japanese people are nice, but especially the older generation, they don’t like when you speak out and have different ideas. But I’m not like typical Japanese, and all the experiences I had in different countries have influenced my outlook on life. I feel blessed and I’m happy about it.