Client: The Music (SPA)
Brief: Business Music – 250 Word Article
Type: Print – 10Th AUGUST 2016

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I interviewed L.A producer Jose Marquez during his recent trip to Melbourne, specifically about his Beto Kele remix for Peruvian band Novalima (Wonderwheel Recordings).

Nickodemus (Label CEO) – Connection
“I Met Nicodemus not long ago about 5-6 years ago… we both played this festival in Mexico called Con Mi Casa… he was playing a lot of my tracks there, we just really connected”

– “I was already a fan of their music… Nicodemus just contacted me and he goes ‘hey are you familiar with this group’… and he offered me the remix opportunity.”


Choices when Remixing – “The tempo has to be in the right kind of range and the energy and vibe of the vocal… having the original already at a decent BPM range makes it a lot easier”

– “My main platform is Pro-Tools… i’ll use Reason as well some Native Instruments like Maschine… as far as percussion goes I do a lot of live recording… I have a lot of musician friends back in L.A.”

Collaborating with Alberto Lopez & Eduardo Martinez
  – “I used to DJ for a band Quetzal Guerrero and The Warriors, actually Quetzal is a recent resident here in Melbourne… I met Alberto through him…he’s a great studio engineer as well… We just traded files, I showed them the original song, I told them about the idea I had.”

Testing the recording
– “There’s a great party that’s been happening for many years in L.A called Deep – Marques Wyatt’s party… great sound system, so that we be an awesome place to always test out my music.”

Novalima’s feedback
– “Actually it’s a great story… a couple of their members are DJ’s.. they actually invited me to go do a party with them in Lima… Nico first contacted me… and within 24 hours I got an email from one of the guys in the band and they were like ‘hey we love the remix you did’ ”